Tyro Pharma Quiz - 1

1. Different species of Ephedra can be identified by observing the nature of
(A) inner surface
(B) outer surface
(C) trichomes
(D) scaly leaves
Option D
2. Indian Rhubarb can be distinguished from Rhapontic Rhubarb by the fluorescene it emits under UV light. Indian Rhubarb gives
(A) deep yellow
(B) deep violet
(C) orange
(D) pale green
Option B
3. Genetically modified species of Papaver namely Papaver bracteatum and Papaver orientale contain the predominant alkaloid
(A) Morphine
(B) Codeine
(C) Thebaine
(D) Narcotine
Option C
4. Increased risk of atherosclerosis is associated with decreased serum levels of
(C) Triglycerides
Option B
5. A peptide hormone which inhibits bone resorption and given as a nasal spray is
(A) Cortisol
(B) Alendronate
(C) Calcitonin
(D) Calcitriol
Option C
6. An inorganic ion which is used prophylactically in bipolar depression is
(A) Valproate
(B) Lithium
(C) Chromium
(D) Valium
Option B
7. A b-lactamase inhibitor which contains an 1-oxopenam structure is
(A) Tazobactam sodium
(B) Clavulanate potassium
(C) Sulbactam sodium
(D) Thienamycin
Option B
8. Salbutamol is prepared from

Option B
9. Antihypoprothrombinemic effect of one stereochemical form is two to five times more than others
(A) (S)-(+)- Warfarin
(B) R-(+)- Warfarin
(C) (S)-(-)- Warfarin
(D) (RS)- Warfarin
Option C
10. Some of the organic reactions are catalysed by a product obtained from starch on treatment with amylase from Bacillus macerans. It is
(A) Amylopectin
(B) Amylose
(C) Cellulose
(D) Cyclodextrin
Option D

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