Tyro Pharma Quiz - 2

1. Florentine receiver is used to separate the liquids based on
(A) molecular weight
(B) sedimentation rate
(C) density
(D) freezing point
Option C
2. The official dissolution test apparatus contains cylindrical vessel and the lower edge of the blade is positioned from inside bottom of the vessel at
(A) 18 to 22mm
(B) 23 to 27mm
(C) 20 to 24mm
(D) 25 to 29mm
Option B
3. As per Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the Good Manufacturing Practice is included under Schedule
(A) W
(B) P
(C) S
(D) M
Option D
4. A substance used for modification of silica gel for reversed-phase TLC is
(A) Benzene
(B) Glycerine
(C) Silicone oil
(D) Ether
Option C
5. In IR spectrum, the functional group region is from
(A) 4000cm-1 to 900cm-1
(B) 4000cm-1 to 1400cm -1
(C) 1400cm-1 to 900cm-1
(D) 4000cm-1 to 660cm-1
Option B
6. The equation E= Eo + RT/ nF ln aM 3+ is used to measure the
(A) Conductance
(B) Potential difference
(C) Resistance
(D) Current
Option B
7. Intermediates in the biosynthesis of cholesterol are
(A) Mevalonic acid and isopentenyl pyrophosphate
(B) Mevalonic acid and aldosterone
(C) Isoprenaline and aldosterone
(D) Isoprenaline and isopentenyl phosphate
Option A
8. A naturally occurring amino acid which does not have a chiral centre is
(A) Glycine
(B) Alanine
(C) Tryptophan
(D) Tyrosine
Option A
9. A given Gram-positive bacterium is differentiated from Gram-negative bacteria by Gram staining. This is because its cell wall contains
(A) Lysozyme
(B) Teichoic acid
(C) Membrane proteins
(D) Lipid A
Option B
10. The drug which increases the plasma concentration of digoxin by a pharmacokinetic mechanism is
(A) Lidocaine
(B) Captopril
(C) Quinidine
(D) hydrochlorthiazide
Option C

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