Tyro Pharma Quiz - 3

1. Microscopic characters of ginger rhizome are
(A) Spindle shaped lignified fibres and sclereids
(B) Cluster crystals of calcium oxalate and sclereids
(C) Non-lignified vessels and sac shaped starch grains
(D) Non-lignified fibres and sclereids
Option C
2. Klunge’s test is for the identification of
(A) Barbaloin
(B) Isobarbaloin
(C) Aloinosides
(D) Aloesin
Option B
3. 3, 4 Benzpyrene present in cigarette smoke reduces the therapeutic activity of diazepam by
(A) Altering excretion
(B) Binding to plasma proteins
(C) Inhibiting metabolism
(D) Increasing the activity of liver microsomal enzymes
Option C
4. An NMDA antagonist introduced for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is
(A) Dopamine
(B) Nor-epinephrine
(C) Serotonin
(D) Memantine
Option D

Option B
6. Phenol, an antiseptic when treated as follow

gave the above two phenolic ketones. The reaction is
(A) Hofmann rearrangement
(B) Fries rearrangement
(C) Kolbe’s reaction
(D) Reimer-Tiemann reaction
Option B
7. The quantity of drug required to make a 2% w/w solution in 240ml of alcohol is
(The density of alcohol is 0.816 g/ml)
(A) 1.632g
(B) 2.400g
(C) 4.000g
(D) 4.800g
Option C
8. In multistation punching machine, the upper as well as lower punches are connected by
(A) Cams
(B) Turrets
(C) Wire meshes
(D) Revolving belts
Option D
9. As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, the HEPA filters are required to filter the air in the pharmaceutical manufacturing unit. Grade A filter is used for
(A) Aseptic preparation and filling
(B) Background room used for preliminary activities
(C) Filtering liquid preparations
(D) Handling of components after washing
Option A
10. The deflection of positive ions formed in a mass spectrometer by electric and magnetic fields depends upon its
(A) mass
(B) charge
(C) velocity
(D) mass, charge and velocity
Option D

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