Tyro Pharma Quiz - 10

Q.1 Purity of water can be assessed by determining one of its following properties instrumentally:
(A) pH
(B) Refractivity
(C) Viscosity
(D) Conductivity
Option D

Q.2 Which one of the following statements is wrong?
(A) Carbon NMR is less sensitive than proton NMR
(B) 12C nucleus is not magnetically active
(C) Both 13C and *H have same spin quantum numbers
(D) The gyromagnetic ratio of *H is lesser than that of 1 C
Option D
Q.3 In the TCA cycle, at which of the following enzyme-catalyzed steps, incorporation of elements of water into an intermediate of the cycle takes place:
(A) Citrate synthase
(B) Aconitase
(C) Maleate dehydrogenase
(D) Succinyl Co-A synthase
Option C

Q.4 Humectants added in cosmetic preparations generally act by
(A) hydrogen bond formation
(B) covalent bond formation
(C) complex formation
(D) the action of London forces
Option A

Q.5 In the mixing of thymol and menthol the following type of incompatibility occurs:
(A) Chemical incompatibility
(B) Therapeutic incompatibility
(C) Physical incompatibility
(D) Tolerance incompatibility
Option C

Q.6 Bloom strength is used to check the quality of
(A) Lactose
(B) Ampoules
(C) Hardness of tablets
(D) Gelatin
Option D

Q.7 The characteristic of non-linear pharmacokinetics include:
(A) Area under the curve is proportional to the dose
(B) Elimination half-life remains constant
(C) Area under the curve is not proportional to the dose
(D) Amount of drug excreted through remains constant
Option C

Q.8 In the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, the Schedule relating to GMP is
(A) Schedule M
(B) Schedule C
(C) Schedule Y
(D) Schedule H
Option A

Q.9 Thioglycolic acid-like compounds have applications in following type of Cosmetic formulations:
(A) Depilatory preparations
(B) Epilatory preparations
(C) Vanishing creams
(D) Skin tan preparations
Option A

Q.10 Which one of the following is a flocculating agent for a negatively charged drug?
(A) Aluminium chloride
(B) Bentonite
(C) Tragacanth
(D) Sodium biphosphate
Option A

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