Tyro Pharma Quiz - 11

Q.1 The healing agent used in hand creams is
(A) soft paraffin
(B) urea
(C) bees wax
(D) stearyl alcohol
Option A

Q.2 Measurement of inulin renal clearance is a measure for
(A) Effective renal blood flow
(B) Renal drug excretion rate
(C) Active renal secretion
(D) Glomerular filtration rate
Option D
Q.3 Highly branched three dimensional macromolecules with controlled structures with all bonds originating from a central core are known as
(A) cyclodextrins
(B) dextrans
(C) dendrimers
(D) liposomes
Option A

Q.4 Which one of the following is the commonly used bulking agent in the formulation of freeze dried low dose drug products?
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Mannitol
(C) Starch
Option B

Q.5 The applicability of Noyes-Whitney equation is to describe
(A) First order kinetics
(B) Zero order kinetics
(C) Mixed order kinetics
(D) Dissolution rate
Option D

Q.6 Which filler can NOT be used for the preparation of tablets for amine containing basic drugs to avoid discoloration of the tablets?
(A) Dicalcium phosphate
(B) Microcrystalline cellulose
(C) Starch
(D) Lactose
Option D

Q.7 The ability of human eye using illuminated area to detect a particle is limited to
(A) 0.4 micron
(B) 25 micron
(C) 50 micron
(D) 10 micron
Option D

Q.8 What quantities of 95 % v/v and 45 % v/v alcohols are to be mixed to make 800 mL of 65 % v/v alcohol?
(A) 480 mL of 95 % and 320 mL of 45 % alcohol
(B) 320 mL of 95 % and 480 mL of 45 % alcohol
(C) 440 mL of 95 % and 360 mL of 45 % alcohol
(D) 360 mL of 95 % and 440 mL of 45 % alcohol
Option B

Q.9 The role of borax in cold creams is
(A) anti-microbial agent
(B) to provide fine particles to polish skin
(C) in-situ emulsifier
(D) antioxidant
Option A

Q.10 Choose the right combination:
(A) Quinine, antimalarial, isoquinoline alkaloid
(B) Reserpine, antihypertensive, indole alkaloid
(C) Quantitative microscopy, stomatal number, myrrh
(D) Palmitic acid, salicylic acid, fatty acids
Option B
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