Tyro Pharma Quiz - 12

Q.1 Triterpenoids are active constituents of
(A) Jaborandi
(B) Rhubarb
(C) Stramonium
(D) Brahmi
Option D

Q.2 Alkaloids are not precipitated by
(A) Mayer's reagent
(B) Dragendroff Reagent
(C) Picric acid
(D) Millon's reagent
Option D

Q.3 Anisocytic stomata are present in
(A) Senna
(B) Digitalis
(C) Belladonna
(D) Coca
Option C

Q.4 Bacopa monnieri plant belongs to the family
(A) Scrophulariacea
(B) Leguminosae
(C) Polygalaceae
(D) Rubiaceae
Option A

Q.5 Tropane alkaloids are not present in
(A) Datura stramonium
(B) Erythroxylum coca
(C) Duboisia myoporoides
(D) Lobelia inflata
Option D

Q.6 Guggul lipids are obtained from
(A) Commiphora molmol
(B) Boswellia serrata
(C) Commiphora wightii
(D) Commiphora abyssinica
Option C

Q.7 An example of N-glycoside is
(A) Adenosine
(B) Sinigrin
(C) Rhein-8-glucoside
(D) Aloin
Option A

Q.8 One mg of Lycopodium spores used in quantitative microscopy contains an average of
(A) 94,000 spores
(B) 92,000 spores
(C) 90,000 spores
(D) 91,000 spores
Option A

Q.9 Select the correc: combination of drugs for the treatment of patients suffering from Hepatitis C :
(A) Interferon with Ribavirin
(B) Interferon with Zidovudine
(C) Interferon with Stavudine
(D) Interferon with Lamivudine
Option B

Q.10 Aliskiren acts by
(A) inhibiting the conversion of Angiotensin I to II
(B) inhibiting the release of rennin
(C) inhibiting the binding of Angiotensin II to the receptor
(D) inhibiting the action of aldosterone
Option B
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