Tyro Pharma Quiz - 14

Q.1 Barbiturates with substitution at the following position possess acceptable hypnotic activity :
(A) 1, 3-Disubstitution
(B) 5, 5-Disubstitution
(C) 1, 5-Disubstitution
(D) 3, 3-Disubstitution
Option B

Q.2 Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is
(A) Imipramine
(B) Iproniazide
(C) Fluoxetin
(D) Naphazoline
Option C

Q.3 Proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole and lansoprazole contain the following ring system :
(A) Pyrimidine
(B) Benzimidazole
(C) Benzothiazole
(D) Oxindole
Option B

Q.4 A metabolite obtained from Aspergillus terreus that can bind very tightly to HMG CoA reductase enzyme is
(A) Fluvastatin
(B) Cerivastatin
(C) Lovastatin
(D) Somatostatin
Option C

Q.5 Cyclophosphamide as anticancer agent acts as
(A) alkylating agent before metabolism
(B) alkylating agent after metabolism
(C) phosphorylating agent after metabolism
(D) DNA intercalating agent
Option B

Q.6 Artemisinin contains the following group in its structure :
(A) an endoperoxide
(B) an exoperoxide
(C) an epoxide
(D) an acid hydrazide
Option A

Q.7 Indicate the HPLC detector that is most sensitive to change in temperature :
(A) PDA detector
(B) Refractive Index detector
(C) Electrochemical detector
(D) Fluorescence detector
Option B

Q.8 One of the following statements is not true :
(A) Accuracy expresses the correctness of measurement
(B) Precision represents reproducibility of measurement
(C) High degree of precision implies high degree of accuracy also
(D) High degree of accuracy implies high degree of precesion also
Option C

Q.9 In thiazides following substituent is essential for diuretic activity :
(A) Chloro group at position 6
(B) Methyl group at position 2
(C) Sulphamoyl group at position 7
(D) Hydrophobic group at position 3
Option C

Q.10 Streptomycin can not be given orally for treatment of tuberculosis because
(A) it gets degraded in the GIT
(B) it causes severe diarrhoea
(C) it causes metallic taste in the mouth
(D) it is not absorbed from the GIT
Option D

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