Tyro Pharma Quiz - 6

Transgenic plants are developed by genetic engineering techniques
1. The method involves
(A) Individual genes from one species inserted into another; the offspring will contain copies of new gene.
(B) By crossing two species or varieties differing at least in one set of characters
(C) Exposing the plant tissue to radiation
(D) Bioproduction of natural compounds under aseptic conditions
Option A
2. In the production of transgenic plants, the gene transfer is carried out by
(A) Induction of meristematic primordial
(B) Gel filtration
(C) Clonal propagation
(D) Silicon carbide whiskers
Option D

3. In the design of Captopril, the
(A) -COOH group is introduced in proline to enhance the binding capability at the receptor site
(B) -SH group is introduced to enhance the binding capability of the drug with cobalt ion of ACE
(C) -SH group is introduced to enhance the binding to the zinc ion of ACE
(D) -COOH and –SH groups to introduce hydrophilic pockets at the receptor site
Option C

4. Captopril IP is assayed by titration
(A) against 0.1N sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein indicator
(B) of a solution in dimethylformamide with 0.1M of tetrabutyl ammonium hydroxide
(C) of a solution in anhydrous formic acid and acetic anhydride with 0.1N perchloric acid
(D) of a solution containing 1.8M sulphuric acid and potassium iodide with 0.025M potassium iodate using starch solution
Option D
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5. Lyposomes are used as carriers for drugs and macromolecules in pharmaceutical formulations. They are
(A) Phospholipids dispersed gently in aqueous medium to obtain multilamellar vesicles
(B) Hydrophilic or lipophilic polymer matrix with a drug reservoir
(C) A shallow compartment moulded from a drug impermeable system and rate controlling polymeric membrane
(D) Microporous membrane made from ethylene / vinyl acetate polymer
Option A

6. They can interact by different mechanisms
(A) Biological fluid diffuses into the matrix and causes erosion of polymer
(B) Endocytosis by phagocytic cells of the reticuloendothelial system such as macrophages and Neutrophils
(C) Magnetic beads dispersed throughout the polymer matrix. On exposure the drug is released slowly by diffusion
(D) Receptor binding mediated by the peptide
Option B

A Chinese tree Camptotheca acuminate is useful in cancer chemotherapy
7. The camptothecin present in the plant and useful in treating ovarian cancer is
(A) Etoposide
(B) Vincristine
(C) Paclitaxel
(D) Topotecan
Option D

8. The drug selected above acts by
(A) Inhibiting topoisomerase I
(B) Inhibiting topoisomerase II
(C) Inhibiting thymidylate synthase (D) Forming hydrogen peroxide which generates free radicals
Option A

The compound A combined with X to get converted into B, in the presence of an appropriate enzyme

9. The reaction can be described as
(A) Bioactivation
(B) Glucuronide conjugation
(C) b-Oxidation
(D) Stereospecific glycine conjugation
Option B

10. The significance of the above reaction in drug therapy is that the reaction
(A) Converts water soluble compound into a lipid soluble compound, thereby Increasing its potency
(B) Converts an uncharged species into a charged species, increasing the shelf life of the compound
(C) Adds an ionic hydrophilic moiety, facilitating its urinary elimination
(D) Adds a bulky substituent to convert it into an active compound
Option C

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