Tyro Pharma Quiz - 7

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Q. 1 The vitamin essential in tissue culture medium is
(A) Pyridoxine
(B) Thiamine
(C) Nicotinic acid
(D) Inositol
Option B

Q. 2 Ginkgo biloba is used for its
(A) Expectorant activity
(B) Lipid lowering activity
(C) PAF antagonistic activity
(D) Antidepressant activity
Option C
Q.3 The amount of barbaloin present in Aloe vera is
(A) <1
(B) 3.5-4%
(C) 1-1.5%
(D) 2-2.5%
Option B

Q. 4 Sildenafil is used for treatment of one of the following disorders:
(A) Systolic hypertension
(B) Unstable angina
(C) Pulmonary hypertension
(D) Hypertension due to eclampsia
Option C

Q.5 Cardiac glycosides have the following configuration in the aglycone part of the steroid nucleus:
(A) 5a, 14 a –
(B) 5a, 14ȕ-
(C) 5ȕ, 14 a –
(D) 5ȕ, 14ȕ-
Option D

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Q.6 Quassia wood is adulterated with
(A) Brucea antidysentrica
(B) Cassia angustifoila
(C) Cinnamomum zeylanicum
(D) Cephaelis ipecacuanaha
Option B

Q.7 Eugenol is present in
(A) Fennel
(B) Tulsi
(C) Cardamom
(D) Coriander
Option B

Q.8 Which one of the following drugs is prescribed for the treatment of Philadelphia chromosome positive patients with Chronic myeloid Leukemia?
(A) Pentostatin
(B) Methotrexate
(C) Imatinib
(D) L-Asparaginase
Option C

Q.9 Which of the following monoclonal antibodies is prescribed for patients with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?
(A) Infliximab
(B) Abciximab
(C) Gemtuzumab
(D) Rituximab
Option D

Q.10 Identify the drug which is NOT used in the treatment of malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum :
(A.) Artemisinin
(B) Primaquine
(C) Quinine
(D) Mefloquine
Option B

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